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8 Rules for animated explainer videos of all styles

Animated explainer videos are the flavor of the season in the business world today. To put it in simple words, these videos are made by an operator, usually in animated form and used for marketing of a brand, product or service. Animated explainer videos serve to be very economical and effective and are always the best option regarding marketing.

Going for a professional explainer video maker always helps the marketing aspect of a company and adds to the marketing aspect of a company but this should be done only after careful examination of the kinds of videos produced previously by the video maker and if they are good and serve the purpose of marketing. You know what doesn’t catch attention from the audience? Bad explainer videos resulting reduced publicity and decreased revenues.

A few crucial mistakes which should always be kept in check while creating an explainer video for your business. Therefore, to avoid those mistakes always remember these 8 rules while creating an animated explainer video:
Script: The most important aspect of the video is this. The scriptwriter who writes the script understands the elements of storytelling and could visualize the flow of a story. For this, you’ll need to take help of a professional.

Voice Over: The voice-over is a very important facet of animated explainer video production. It’s the process where an appropriate voice that’s fluent and intonation perfect is used to create a significant impact on the viewers. This can majorly help in the marketing process.

Research: Always ensure that complete research is done regarding the service to be marketed. This research is necessary as it will help incorporate useful things in the video later. Also, if a similar kind of service is available in the market, doing a bit of research there helps find its flaws and showcase why the respective service is better than the existing one.

Audience: The primary purpose of the animated explainer video should be to serve the right audience. It isn’t necessary to please everyone because it often arises the situation of “neither here”, “nor there”. So targeting the right audience is critical.

Duration: Getting caught up with the time limit of the explainer video is not a good move. Although it is rightly said that shorter is always better. But, if the video falls short to incorporate all useful information, the duration of the video is bound to increase, and a suitable video is created.

Placement: Correct placing of the video is important. One of the most common mistakes done by companies is that they place the animated explainer video on the ‘About Us’ page rather than their home page. The video should catch the viewer’s eye as soon as they land on your website and hence, it should be placed on the homepage.

Planning: Proper planning cannot be ruled out. Aspects of placing of the video, content of the video, the budget of the video, right audience and so on, everything must be planned well in advance before releasing the video.
Testing: You know what’s also important? Effective testing of the video. By this we mean, testing audio and video separately before releasing it. If it sounds and looks efficient, only then it’s ready for release.

Therefore, these 8 rules should enough consideration when an animated explainer video is made.

Any kind of mistake or shortcoming may have a major impact on the overall effect of the video on the marketing of the service or product of your company.

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