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The importance of corporate presentation in today’s marketplace

The immense speed at which everything related to technology moves makes us permanently attentive to the news that we must transfer to our company. But not everything changes so quickly, and there are things “from the past” that are still useful to us, such as a Corporate Presentation. Just as having a Facebook page or a viral video are elements of relatively recently, the Corporate Presentation is something that, in one way or another, has been done throughout the history of companies. The corporate presentation was possibly first an oral speech that the businessman had studied and recited before his clients, and now it can be a super-worked video that we post on YouTube so that all our potential customers can see us. But currently, most times the presentation is a PowerPoint (or similar) that we send via email or, if they leave us, we present at the client’s offices. Nowadays, the corporate presentation has left the large corporate offices and is everywhere, including customers can …
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Corporate explainer videos have the answer to everything

Corporate explainer videos have a suitable and undistinguished ability to market a product or even software that may result in boosting your company’s sales. Some people are too lazy to read into a full documented speech about your product, therefore, a short-summarized video can do the hard work for them. Explainer videos summarize the lengthy speech in a short and straightforward manner that will even stick in their minds rather than the lengthy speech. Depending on what you want the video for; there are different ways of using corporate explainer videos. If you need to use the explainer video to talk about s new product in the market or if you want to update the mass about a product that is already in the market. You have to choose the best style and type of explainer video that you want to make the information that you want to pass effectively. The 5 different types of videos that you can use may include: Type of videoPurposeBenefits videoGives more information about your product/s…

All you need to know about corporate presentation services

Companies expand their reach to their target market by incorporating new technology trends into their digital marketing strategies. Your company can do the same with the help of a presentation design service, but before telling you that you can do a presentation design service for you, you will know that you must have a good corporate video. Corporate videos must have certain characteristics to capture the attention of the target and the general public: A good argument- Even if you only explain the operations of your company, it is better to have a good argument that has a clear and intense ending. People always prefer a story to a documentary, so concentrate on what your audience wants. Honesty-A good corporate video does not compromise the integrity of the company just for the sake of raising the level of entertainment. It is true that to capture viewers, the video must be creative and interesting, but being true to yourself is very important because it reflects the values of the compa…

5 Ways to Make Your Presentation Design More Expressive

Slideshows are so ingrained in the corporate culture, which is one of the first things we learn on the computer. But when you were learning to use PowerPoint, Prezi or SlideShare, did anyone really teach you the elements of an expressive slide? Or even, how to get creative ideas of striking presentation? Designing a compelling and expressive presentation can be daunting, especially if you’re not a designer. Even, it is more difficult to design a presentation when it is for your startup, knowing, for example, that you will be entering the field of an investor, or you will be standing in a room in front of an important business meeting. When there is a potential deal on the table, the pressure is on! In this tutorial, we will reveal five tips for designing impactful presentations. Discover how to create a better design for a corporate presentation. Read More

3 Predictions of presentations design will look like in 2019

A few days ago, we realized the trends of design and visual creativity that are expected for 2019 and we took on the task of looking for examples of them in an object that these days tend to be renewed very often: the presentation design Used as a fundamental element of the image of a company or an image of a person, the presentations allow propping up the professional activities of the people, but their scope must go beyond. Read More

How is An Explainer Video Created?

PitchWorx is an explainer video company known for its stunning designs and years of experience in building brands and helping businesses succeed. If you are wondering how explainer videos are made, PitchWorx has the best answer for you!
Basically, there are several steps involved in the creation of animated explainer videos and these include the following:
Write a Killer Video ScriptThe backbone of every explainer videos is a good script. Besides, explainer videos are summarized videos on how your service, brand or product works. Your script should explain in a way that’s easy to understand. The difficult part is to keep your script as informative and brief as possible.
Select a Style for AnimationPicking a style for animation goes further than deciding on how you like your explainer videos to look. Choosing a style for animation may set for the perfect tone throughout your videos.
Make Your AnimationsWhen compared to some animated videos, an explainer video tends to follow an approach. …

Best Animation Companies for Your Business

There is a huge amount of options when video animation company services are required. Worldwide this industry has grown exponentially and in the same way, the companies that require their services. The variety of options offered by a video animation company, or a video design company is only the result of the multiple and different requirements of the clients since not all the requests can be grouped in a specific area or topic. This forced companies to focus on one or more specific activities aimed at offering this service with the highest quality. To distinguish the best option when choosing a video animation company, it is important to identify what service the company needs, to which audience it will be oriented, and to search based on that a company that develops content in the area that is required, or better yet, that Be a specialist in the subject. The important thing is that the variety and the growing market of these animation companies allow us to find the best option that…