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Top Animation Studios in India

Top Animation Studios in India

For some years, the entertainment industry no longer has a single exponent, as several countries have created an empire where they excel in various areas such as film, theater, music, acting among others. In the film industry there are several branches and today there is one that every day takes more strength and popularity, this is the animation in 2D and 3D. While the production of animated films and short films was a job done by very few, in India has gained great recognition, because the best animation studios in India are responsible for the creation of very popular stories.
Due to the number of professionals in the area of animation found in the country the best animation studios are in India, among them the following stand out:
Maya Entertainment: The company has been founded for more than two decades and is based in Mumbai, and its main function is to offer 2D and 3D animation services, the digital content produced by Maya Entertainment is exclusive …
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Character animation videos - ‘the winning formula’ for business

Back in the days when explainer videos had just begun to make a shift out of America, did you ever wonder what might be that ‘special potion’ or ‘the winning formula’ behind these videos? Well, we did! In fact, after a lot of deconstruction and reconstruction of the concept, we noticed a prevalent pattern that was being followed in these videos. 

A lot of these explainer videos were led by a character and, usually started in the same vein, “Meet Billy/Sue/Eddie/ Tyler…. A problem would be presented typically like, “Maggie finds excel spreadsheets boring and time-consuming”, followed by an alluring, flashy statement - “Our product will make you save money/save you time/make you sexier than ever….” etc. So that’s how character animation videos make their way into people’s lives.

Keeping the ‘Americanisms’ aside, what is most interesting here is the relationship the viewer has with the character. But this gives rise to questions like - how do not character and character animation videos co…

How an animated explainer video help increase conversion rates

Eight to ten seconds! Yes, that’s the time taken by visitors to your website, to convert into potential customers. If you are wondering why your website has a very slow conversion rate, then this article is all for you! You may have invested in a very good web designing company and may have used excellent graphics yet you are distressed to see the visiting minute of your website is below average. On the top of it, you have no idea what is it that is stopping your potential visitors to turn into customers. Well then, maybe your website lacks a good explainer video. If we keep it in a better way, an animated explainer video! Many companies use animated corporate explainer videos as their marketing tool and that is all which works in their favour. Let us now look into the benefits and the role that animated explainer video plays in increasing the conversion rate of your website. VISUAL MEANS MORE GRASPING: According to a proven fact, the human mind retains more what it sees than what it …

5 Reasons Why Animation is Compelling to Younger Viewers

How important is it for you to capture the attention of the target audiences with relevant advertisements? Not so much, or your business depends upon it? I’m pretty sure it’s the second option, isn’t it? Static style of advertisements has been good enough, however since animation has been re-introduced in the market, animated videos offer exciting and effective ways to reap customers attention amongst the target audience of your brand/product. There are several animation companies, animation studios, motion graphics companies and graphic designing companies that have come up with a smart move to do business with the brands who have mostly younger viewers as their target audience. Why? Animation, irrespective of being 2D or 3D animation, has a very influential and long-lasting impression on the younger viewers. Still wondering why is it that animation is so highly recommended for the younger target audience? Well, here’s why… ANIMATED ADVERTISEMENTS ARE CAPTIVATING Have you ever compar…

What does a pitch video do for business?

The world today is fiercely competitive. It becomes very important for every business to remain unique. Think of it, when you pitch your idea to a client, there are dozens of other competitors ready with their pitches. And more or less their offering is going to be the same. Who would the client give his/her business to? The potential service provider who impressed him/her the most.
RFI, RFQand RFP – the process
That impression building starts right from the RFI (Request for Information) you send to the client. It’s natural that you would want to pack the RFI with lots of data and information on your company’s past achievements. How about packing the PPT with a pitch video? For e.g.; if your company is into electronic surveillance, then along the PPT which you usually send as an RFI, you can send a pitch video done in animation. You can put in images of all the dynamic work you have done for other clients and see the difference for yourself.
PowerPoint presentation from other competitors…

Create buzz for your brand, try animated explainer video

From marketers to business owners, everyone’s following the cool trend of making animated explainer videos for their brands. And why not? With the multiple benefits these videos provide, it’s come up as the best marketing tool in the online market. Gone are the days when making a marketing video required a huge budget and endless amount of time. These days not just big companies but even startups and medium budget businesses are also creating a whole lot of buzz with explainer videos. How does a marketing explainer video affect a brand? Let’s just say that animated explainer videos do the job of popularizing your product or brand in the most engaging and entertaining way possible. A viewer who’s watching one is entertained at the same time getting informed about a product without being bored by reading an endless amount of text. Still not too sure whether an explainer video is capable of generating the right buzz for your brand? Stay with us in this article and clear all your doubts. 1: Id…

4 ways to lengthen your infographic content

In today’s multi-dimensional world, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. When you have a great concept that demands recognition, why not use every possible entity to make sure your message gets heard? Traditionally, Infographics have been the end medium for presenting content, and although it’s a tried and true method to broaden your reach, it’s only the beginning of what you can do with that content once it’s an Infographics. In this post, we will explore a few methods for repurposing your Infographics into other media. Break your content into a blog post There are two common directions you can take when publishing an Infographics on your blog: hosting the full-size image directly on your page or applying a smaller version, which, when clicked will open to a full Infographics. Both are sound hosting methods, they tend to limit the way you and your readers can share across other channels. For example, when someone tweets out a link to your Infographics, the tweet will only share the…