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2D Character Animation Will Never go Out of Style

Today in the digital world, 3D animation technique has definitely gained momentum. By creating life-like images and making the viewer feel like a part of the animation world, 3D technique is definitely taking the world by storm. But that certainly doesn’t mean that 2D or traditional animation technique has lost its hold. It still plays a major role animated explainer video creation. Below are some of the advantages that 2D animation renders:

Highly Efficient

The main role of explainer video is to be appealing to the target audience and accurate conveyance of business stories and messages through the process of animation. But animation is no simple task. It requires great skills, creativity to animate characters and objects. Of course, 2D animation also takes time and detailing but it’s much easier than 3D or any other animation technique. 2D animation studios create detailed designs but not as intricate and complex as 3D technique. A project that’s time restrained can be done using 2D a…

Whiteboard Animation Videos: An Artistic Genius

The popularity of explainer videos in the world of internet marketing is no more a secret to anyone. They are effective for business promotions and have taken the world by storm. Today we look into whiteboard animation, a video style that’s too popular in creating animated explainer videos. And calling them simply effective would be an understatement really! Whiteboard style is no less and can go toe to toe with any other video style. Whiteboard animation videos are simple yet are great attention grabbers.

What exactly is whiteboard animation?

It’s a technique of creating animation videos that are hand drawn. It’s a superb way of telling business stories and is a lot unique and different from other techniques used in animation. Talk about capturing attention of website visitors and whiteboard explainer videos do not disappoint.

What’s that one thing that’s missing in this technical digital world? It’s that human touch which whiteboard animation doesn’t fail to offer in plenty. The antici…

Which character style works best for your Animated Explainer Video?

Characters play a very important role in explainer videos. The whole impact a video creates on the audience depends a lot on the presence of animated characters in it. A skilled 2D animation studio or any other uses a suitable character to narrate a business story and explain particular products or services. They capture the vision of the project in hand and bring those characters to life.

Different characters bring out the human approach that makes these animated explainer videos market a money-spinning machine.

Stay with us and find out the several character types that work well in animated explainer videos.

Semi Human Characters

Characters that have a close resemblance to humans visually are popularly used in marketing videos. They are a little different than cartoon figures and that’s what works best for them. Often the script is prepared to keep in mind a target age-group based demanding semi realistic characters. In explainer video market, they are mostly preferred and suit best cli…

Know how Important Explainer Videos are for Startups

The concept of adding an explainer video in the marketing plan of a brand new business venture is not a new concept. This valuable marketing tool has picked uppacein the past three years. While speaking about its importance, even search engines like Google take into account the amount of time spent by visitors on a website when applying their algorithms to spawn search engine rankings. This directly means that the viewership rate of engagingexplainer video for startupsdetermines the upper hand of your website akin to the keywords and phrases of your industry.

Feeling the need to have an explainer video on your website? The main focus of this article will be to coach you WHY explainers are necessary for your business and HOW you should go about it, if you’re thinking to get one for your business!

First, know your Goal/Vision

We all have a goal or a vision to begin with whenever we’re doing or trying out something new. It’s the same with explainer videos too. Before delving into it it’s ne…

Corporate Presentation Designs and How to Pitch Them to The Client

Working with corporate presentation designs is like a roller coaster ride, replete with twists and turns that elicit a rush of adrenaline, to moments of abominable lull! There is a thrill that guides your intuition, while the fierce demands of the client, counters it. Clients are often hard people to please, but with the perfect amalgamation of your creative juices and their ‘say-so’, you can create a masterful piece, worthy of appreciation.
Graphic designers and clients share a love-hate relationship where altercations often arise. The difference in perspective is one factor that acts as a ‘hold-back’ for business to be done smoothly. This blogpost would tell you about how to pitch your corporate presentation design ideas to a client.
How to get it done?
1. The key-point principle
You might be Salvatore Dali, but if you violate the ‘key point’ that the design is supposed to convey, you lose the plot! Clients pay no heed to your extraordinary artistic marvels, all they care about is busine…

The Importance of Graphics in your Business Presentations

We are in an era where visuals speak louder than words. People are more inclined to go through visual narratives than sit through boring and drab textual presentations. The attention span is on an all-time low and the correct way to grab attention is by devising a strategy that combines vital information with appealing visuals. The graphic design has experienced a facelift over the years and has found many takers, the corporate world being one such. Businesses these days rely on effective designs to promote their brand. Their presentations are executed in a manner that defines top-notch professionalism.  Why is presentation design vital to businesses?

Simply because business presentations serve as business pitches. Unless they are neatly executed, they lose their purpose. Presentation design services are important if you have to have an edge over your competitors. Your business presentation should be capable enough of relaying information succinctly to your audience and should be visuall…

Corporate Presentation Designs and how they absolutely “Own”

As opposed to traditional forms of advertising, companies are switching their focus to corporate presentations in order to convey their messages to their target audience in a more succinct way. A corporate or business presentation is an effective tool that can be used to promote your services and products and is quintessential to every company’s existence, courtesy the run of the mill competition!

Irrespective of whether you’re pitching your idea to investors or depicting something to the general audience, a good corporate presentation design is a must, that ensures a flow of content. Creating an interesting presentation, replete with good design and properly fitted content is half the job done! Technology has changed the way we operate, people are equipped with softwares that can conjure magic with a whoosh of a wand. However, too much “bling” spoils the party, therefore you should always know how to place your ideas in a way that it keeps your audience enthralled.

However, below are s…

The Past, Present and Future of Infographic Designs!

If you’re a web surfer, you’d probably be aware of eye-catching graphics that relay information on a variety of topics. Right from blogs to business websites, almost everything on the internet today relies on effective communication! And communication is made easy through the use of graphical data! As a business proponent, even you might have thought of delivering your message to the masses through infographic designs. But what are infographics and how did they become so popular over time?
An infographic is a visual representation of textual data, aimed with the purpose of simplifying complex information!
Graphic design and infographics aren’t of recent origin, they’ve existed right from the beginning! For millennia, cultures from all over the world have relied on graphics to communicate.
Let’s briefly study the history and evolution of infographics
If you’ve been lucky enough to visit architectural sites in Egypt, you’d see how ancient Egyptians devised a way of telling stories, way bett…

3 Totally Awesome Uses of Infographic Designs

More and more content is being circulated courtesy the deep tentacles of the world wide web. There is so much data, that picking out the most relevant becomes a tad bit difficult; which is why infographics become an asset for companies that want to sieve through the mess (excess/irrelevant data) and spread their word to the audience.Infographic design, put simply,  is the visual packaging of data that is easily accessible to a target audience.
There are various uses of infographics; some of them as mentioned below:
1. Presenting statistical and survey data
An overdose of statistics becomes too heavy for the grey cells to process in a glance, which is why infographics are employed as a simplification tool. Infographics allow you to break down your complex seeming data into simpler, easy to comprehend visual narrative.
2. Drawing comparisons
Comparisons become clearer if arranged in a neat and organized manner. Simple text with a dash of creative genius makes it easy to draw comparisons betw…