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WHAT SHOULD BE THE LENGTH OF YOUR NEXT ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEO? Explainer videos are in rage for online marketing and sales optimization, well we all know this fact by now. With these videos flowing all over the internet and on web pages of all businesses, the question is how long 2D animation videos should or others made by using different techniques be? To figure this out let’s look at what you need to consider first: -What is the purpose of your animated explainer video? -Where will it be placed? On a homepage, blog, youtube or on landing-page? -What desired action you wish the viewers to take after they watch the video? The third question is actually the most important as it takes your lead to the action. The attention span of the internet savvy audience is reducing constantly giving momentum to shorter videos as compared to longer ones. Short videos are easy attention grabbers, no doubt but how short should they be? You may consider making a one minute, two, three minutes or even …


By describing what a business does the sole objective of an animated explainer video is not just spreading the brand’s message but also help to close in more business. Why is so much effort put in making the videos clear, crisp, and real attention grabbers? Well, the answer is simple “to make more profit.” These marketing videos are the real reason why website visitors actually turn into actual customers. Here’s how animated explainer videos do the trick: What do the visitors get out of it? If your brand’s explainer video is presented as a sales deck in the market then it’s not going to work. Instead, it should work as an introduction of your brand. The vital message to be conveyed in the video should be directly spoken out to the target audience coming to visit your website. After watching your company’s animated explainer video, the visitors should have an absolutely clear understanding of what you’re offering them and what is the first step towards making the purchase. If the audie…


In today’s multidimensional world, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. When you have a great concept that demands recognition, why not use every possible entity to make sure your message gets heard? Traditionally, infographics have been the end medium for presenting content, and although it’s a tried and true method to broaden your reach, it’s only the beginning of what you can do with that content once it’s an infographic. In this post we will explore a few methods for repurposing your infographic into other media. Break your content into a blog post There are two common directions you can take when publishing an infographic on your blog: hosting the full-size image directly on your page or applying a smaller version, which, when clicked will open to a full infographic. Both are sound hosting methods, they tend to limit the manner in which you and your readers can share across other channels. For example, when someone tweets out a link to your infographic, the tweet will only…


3 REASONS WHY ANIMATED EXPLAINER VIDEOS KILL HIGH BOUNCE RATES That feeling of alienation when people keep leaving your website after a quick glance is shattering right? It seems like someone is posing a hindrance from engaging with your potential customers. If you still  don’t know whose your company’s #1 enemy is yet, then we’ve got a name for it, it’s called Bounce Rate – the percentage of visitors who visit your website and leave it without visiting any other page on your site. It results in no leads, no engagement, no conversion, no sales, no nothing. In order to prevent this evil power grow bigger and take over what you require is an animated explainer video! It’s the only way you can explain in an entertaining and engaging way, who are you, what you do and how you’re ready to solve your audience’s problem. Let’s go through three main abilities that proves why animated explainer videos have the traits of a superhero that can save your day: THEY’RE INSTANT ATTENTION GRABBERS It’…

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Some of these designs were challenging ideas handed to us by the client, that we translated into great looking visuals!  ALL


Animated explainer videos are the flavor of the season in the business world today. To put it in simple words, these videos are made by an operator, usually in animated form and used for marketing of a brand, product or service. Animated explainer videos serve to be very economic and effective and is always the best option in regard to marketing. Going for a professional explainer video maker always helps the marketing aspect of a company and adds to the marketing aspect of a company but this should be done only after careful examination of the kinds of videos produced previously by the video maker and if they are actually good and serve the purpose of marketing. You know what doesn’t catch attention of the audience? Bad explainer videos resulting reduced publicity and decreased revenues. What is the reason for this?
A few crucial mistakes which should always be kept in check while creating an explainer video for your business. Therefore, to avoid those mistakes always remember these …


Animation is one such influential device that lets you turn difficult ideas or vague matters into a comprehensive and clear story. And in making animated explainer videos, a well-written content is not the only area you require to pay attention to. One feature for the perfect design of your video is the color palette you intend to use. The best start to create an amazing animated explainer video to achieve visual harmony is to go for color tones that are in unison. Obviously, you don’t want to puzzle your viewers and scare them them away with too complicated visuals so, it’s recommended not to use too many shades of colors. Try to keep it to 3 to 4 colors for background base, foreground tones or accent colors for best results in animated explainer video creation. Ensure that the colors you choose suit your object, your approach and your brand. For continuity it’s better to use the same color pallete throughout the explainer video. We bring a few color blends you can choose in your vid…

We Create Custom Corporate Presentation Design

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IMPACT From beginning to end you get to be a part of our creative process. We help you present something that has meaning and emotion. Something that has impact. Something that inspires. We believe all great corporate presentations come from even greater stories, and from there some of the greatest experiences are created. MAKE A MARK Unlike other studios that “also do” presentations, PitchWorx can adeptly handle special client demands. So if you have a crucial presentation you need to deliver, you know it’s an opportunity to grab some eyeballs and make a mark. To make that mark what you need is PitchWorx.

Why Animated Videos Should be a Part of Marketing Plans in 2016

WHY ANIMATED VIDEOS SHOULD BE A PART OF MARKETING PLANS IN 2016 As one of the most cost-effective marketing tool, many business firms are still ignoring, despite of it being such a powerful resource. Let’s list out some of the reasons why using animated videos will enhance your marketing initiatives. It’s like a magnet to your website The technique of placing a video, especially in animation on your website, attracts potential customers no less than a magnet. This brings a boost in your the time a viewer generally spends on your website by 8 seconds up to 2 minutes on an average, all the while bringing tremendous benefits to your SEO efforts. For that personal experience Personalized animated videos that are specially custom-made to suit audience’s needs, requirements and buying habits are also are also doing the rounds on many websites these days. That’s exactly how you generate strong identification towards your brand and product. Create Brand awareness What do you think is the best w…