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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Explainer Videos!

A visual narrative prompts an immediate call-to-action. It has the power to stir and shake! That’s why most companies, both startups and Fortune 500 companies have now forayed into creating animated explainer videos to communicate with their audience. Explainer videos are short videos that introduce your company, it’s products and services to the audience.
Animation has bestowed us with the power of pushing creative limits and deploying creativity to good use. We now have the power to tweak around with technology and create things that were previously deemed ‘impossible’!
Character animation videos serve as compelling business pitches because they are more engaging that text or image based pitches. If you have a proposition that you want to convey to the right people, a video pitch is the way to go about it.
Why create explainer videos?
Your company’s marketing plan thrives on an interplay between various factors, that renders it successful. While you’re promoting your company, (products…

Prerequisites For A Character Animation Video: Things To Be Kept In Mind Before You Start A Project

If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine what a video can do! A video has the power to shake and stir. It also is a viable tool for companies to promote their business and succour it from abysmally low phases. Most companies, especially start-ups, utilize character animation videos as tools to communicate their message to their target audience. An animated video relays a company’s message to the audience, offsetting the costs associated with a live-video.
An engaging animated video is what sells big in today’s world. A video should be such that it is capable of stirring your audience’s cognition and eliciting an instant call-to-action. It should encapsulate your ideas in a concise and crisp manner! The last thing you want is to confuse your audience!
Here are some prerequisites to be kept in mind before you animate:

1. Determine your target group
Start off with determining who your target group is. The one shoe fits all strategy can be dicey, therefore you have to narrow down your p…