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5 Reasons Why Animation is Compelling to Younger Viewers

How important is it for you to capture the attention of the target audiences with relevant advertisements? Not so much, or your business depends upon it? I’m pretty sure it’s the second option, isn’t it? Static style of advertisements has been good enough, however since animation has been re-introduced in the market, animated videos offer exciting and effective ways to reap customers attention amongst the target audience of your brand/product.
There are several animation companies, animation studios, motion graphics companies and graphic designing companies that have come up with a smart move to do business with the brands who have mostly younger viewers as their target audience. Why? Animation, irrespective of being 2D or 3D animation, has a very influential and long-lasting impression on the younger viewers.
Still wondering why is it that animation is so highly recommended for the younger target audience? Well, here’s why…


Have you ever compared static advertisements with animated advertisements? If yes, what was the conclusion you derived? Was it animated ads? Of course, it was! After all, animated ads are much more unique, interactive, compelling and hold more chance at grabbing your audiences’ attention. Animation advertising is an appealing way to communicate your brand because it allows you to create 3D character animation and/or motion graphics videos and magnets the viewer, whilst allowing you to give them a positive impression of your brand.


Rather than just reading words or viewing a single picture, your audience will be drawn into the world of 3D character animation. Brilliant character design, corporate presentations, motion graphics design, well-designed worlds, and the right amount of movement and action will create a story around your brand that your audience will enjoy watching. The more fun the corporate presentation, animated video, motion graphics video is, the more fun they’ll have to watch these videos (which are not static).


What is the goal of your company’s marketing team? To communicate the company’s message to the consumer, right? Static advertisements have chosen to follow the trend of short clip-like ads, which is not an efficient option to go after. Less engaging and more complex advertisements can be problematic to convey your message smartly and quickly, without the message being lost. Whereas, animated advertisements confirm the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” true. Because animation relies on characters and pictures to convey the message, not words.


If I ask you, what is it that the younger audience is drawn towards, what will be the first thing that pops in your head? Style? Modernity? You got that right! The youth or the younger audience is very much drawn towards everything that is trending, fashionably attractive or impressive. The reason behind the younger audience being so drawn towards animated ads is the elements it holds, such as motion graphics video, 3D animation video, 3D character animation, corporate presentations and what not. They reflect more precisely the type of medium with which younger addressees are familiar and comfortable.


The agenda of every marketer or advertiser is to build a brand image at such levels of excellence that the product/brand is persistently stuck in the mind of audiences. Animated advertisements tend to accomplish the goal of being engaging and easy to understand more effectively, in comparison to static advertisements. As a result, an animation and designing studio like Pitchworx can provide the expertise and material you need to create an advertisement that will communicate your brand in an unforgettable way to the younger crowds.
Now you know all that there is to know about the marketing technique and which product calls for what kind of target audience. What are you still here for? GO! enhance that business of yours by exploring animation, graphics, motion graphics, corporate presentations and a lot of other options waiting to help you grow your brand.


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