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Top 5 Animated Video Production Companies!

The entertainment industry forces all members of the community to use various animated video production companies to materialize their ideas. Because these animation production companies are specialists in the field, they have a large number of clients.
The growth of these companies in the industry has become commonplace, it is for this reason that it is often difficult for a customer to decide on one. Because the internet is the main scenario in which companies are promoted and show their products.
One should look for one of the best-animated video production companies, capable of creating striking and innovative content, so that the product can stand out among all the of its category.

The 5 leading animated video production companies are currently:


In this company, each task is defined as a work done with an enormous passion, this thanks to the dedicated professionals and focused on always delivering a product of excellence. Their specialty is startups, that is, the company focuses on helping through their work so that companies that have very little time in the market are recognized. The love for art is evident both in the quality of their service and in the way, they call “PitchWorx” to each video made.

Sandwich Video:

Although not known for making animated videos, Sandwich Videos is worth entering the count as it is a specialist in creating Live Action videos. They are recognized for writing witty and funny scripts and also for being able to participate in each of the steps of the production of a video, they are also responsible for the distribution and marketing of them through various channels established for this purpose.

Yum Yum Videos:

It is one of the most popular animated video production companies in the network, dedicated especially to the improvement, creation and production of videos used in various fields. Each of the products that leave the company are completely personalized to the client’s liking, since they also participate in the processes of creating the videos, if marketing is what the client is looking for Yum Yum Videos offers a very effective marketing strategy in each one of its productions, in this way the development and growth of the company is guaranteed.


The company is known for creating videos of the highest quality and definition, always being an option when choosing between animated video production companies. They specialize in the development of product videos and explanatory videos, but they can also offer other services related to educational videos and video ads. Its client base ranges from independent and small companies to large reputable companies.

Demo Duck:

They always offer high-quality products and it is not for less because they have a work methodology very different from the traditional one. In Demo Duck indicate that the most important part of making a good video is that it has a very creative script, and this is the most important element of the entire production. In this animated video production company, when working on a project all the employees meet so that each one of them has the opportunity to offer ideas and opinions about its development.


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