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Which character style works best for your Animated Explainer Video?

Characters play a very important role in explainer videos. The whole impact a video creates on the audience depends a lot on the presence of animated characters in it. A skilled 2D animation studio or any other uses a suitable character to narrate a business story and explain particular products or services. They capture the vision of the project in hand and bring those characters to life.

Different characters bring out the human approach that makes these animated explainer videos market a money-spinning machine.

Stay with us and find out the several character types that work well in animated explainer videos.

Semi Human Characters

Characters that have a close resemblance to humans visually are popularly used in marketing videos. They are a little different than cartoon figures and that’s what works best for them. Often the script is prepared to keep in mind a target age-group based demanding semi realistic characters. In explainer video market, they are mostly preferred and suit best clients’ needs.

Visionary Characters

On, the other hand there are many types businesses whose products and services are not directed towards any particular age group. These kinds of explainer videos are made for all and do not target specific category of audience. When the category of potential customers is broad then conceptual characters work best.

Stick Symbol Characters

When the story is the highlight or the main focus of the video then stick symbol characters become more preferable. Again when there’s no specific set of customers, the explainer is being directed at, then stick symbols are usually used. Also when the concept to be explained is very complex with minute details these characters become the best choice.

Beloved Cartoon Characters

By far the most popular character style in the world of explainer videos. With animation, they are brought to life. Most flexible, you can mold them, shape them and play with these figures anyway you want to. When the subject is light and script allows exaggeration then with cartoon characters the sky can only be the limit.

Photo Style Characters

When the video is made adopting a close to reality approach then this character style becomes your best bet. Concepts of services such as Health and Medical Care, that require a serious realistic touch go for photo style characters.

Now, that you know there’s no limited options when it comes to selecting characters for explainer videos, always keep in mind to go to a professional Animation video company that understands your criterias and deliver you the best explainer video.


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